Moving Tips

How to take the stress out of moving:

  • Plan Carefully for Your Move.
  • Select a carrier at least four to eight weeks before you move.
  • Find the reliable mover on net, yellow pages, friends or co-workers recommendation.
  • Get the quote from the movers and select the moving company, which full fill your requirements.
  • Be sure you understand the moving contract before signing.
  • Confirm types of insurance coverage company provides.
  • Check the movers provide you services including packing, unpacking, storage and moving items between locations.
  • Make a check list of rooms and items.
  • In addition to labeling what is in your boxes, add what room they will be going into, as well.
  • Use the color-coding system.
  • Number your all boxes.
  • Make sure everything is completely packed before your move.
  • After arriving to new location ready to pay the charges.
  • First unpack high valuable items.
  • Check your goods before and after they are moved.
  • Always read carefully the terms and conditions carefully.

Make your move successful.

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